A construction company faces many challenges. Margins are shrinking, customers are becoming more assertive, and the legal obligations are more numerous. To remain competitive, your business processes therefore must be organised as optimally as possible. For help in remaining competitive, call on the staff of Build Software. We offer independent advice, guide you during the implementation of your IT solution and train your employees.


The Build Software team knows the construction sector through and through. Over the years we have analysed and improved the business processes of diverse players, ranging from contractors, finishing and installation companies to project developers and engineering firms. From this rich experience we investigate your existing business processes and offer independent advice to optimise them. All advice is accompanied by a concrete plan of action so that you can immediately go to work.


When you purchase an IT solution, you naturally want it to yield a return as quickly as possible. Build Software can assist with an agile project approach via scrums. We implement your solution in short sprints of set-up and training, in which the focus always remains on a clearly defined part of the project. As a result, the progress of the implementation is always transparent. As a customer, you quickly know whether our solution meets your expectations and whether adjustments are necessary. This is in contrast to longer implementation projects where users sometimes are only able to try something after a year.


To maximise your investment, you need to make optimal use of our IT solution. We therefore ensure a training programme that suits your needs. Your employees then get to know the functionality of the solution in detail. We intentionally keep the lines of communication short, to easily respond to their questions. A demonstration is always followed by specific exercises, so that they fully master the flexible and simple operation of this incredible tool. This increases the involvement of your team members, making the solution very easy to use. Your investment therefore starts yielding returns after a very short period.

Discover the infinite possibilities of Build Software.


Benefits of scrums

  • Maximum alignment with customer needs
  • High level of involvement of team members
  • Focus on a clearly defined part of project
  • Quick return

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